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The Dale Carnegie® Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations

$1795.00 per participant

Enhanced Confidence and Communication Skills

Higher Level of Confidence:

The principle factor that prevents many intelligent, hardworking people from fully realizing their potential is not a lack of ability or effort. The limiting factor is self-confidence. With greater self-assurance, individuals have increased capacity to make firm, clear-cut decisions with less fear of making errors and become more interested in assuming additional responsibilities. They can better analyze situations and are more willing to tactfully present their ideas on controversial issues. As individuals develop a "take charge" attitude, they are more likely to perform with increased effectiveness in difficult situations.

Confident people are also more innovative in their approach to problems, more assertive in confronting poor performers, and delegate with greater ease.

Communication Skills:

Dale Carnegie® Training has developed some remarkably effective methods that enable people to express themselves with clarity, forcefulness, and the enthusiasm necessary to inspire others. This program enhances presentation techniques as participants develop greater comfort and poise when speaking to groups, learn how to effectively convey technical information, and provide demonstrations skillfully. Communications become more accurate with fewer misunderstandings. Presentations are more engaging and informative. Individuals learn to be better "salespeople" of themselves, their ideas, and the companies they represent.

Positive Attitude and Leadership Skills

More Positive Attitude:

Dale Carnegie® Training instills a positive attitude in participants. Further, individuals become comfortable demonstrating their genuine enthusiasm for ideas and are less susceptible to the negative comments of others. They also become familiar with ways of sustaining their excitement for long-term projects. Graduates demonstrate increased capacity to act as a catalyst and to convey their enthusiasm to others.

Leadership Skills:

Class members become increasingly insightful regarding why people behave as they do. With greater sensitivity and awareness, the result is often a warmer, more relaxed approach to people. The program provides a wide range of techniques to gain willing cooperation and to influence the behavior and attitudes of others without causing offense.

Graduates become more comfortable and adept at giving feedback and motivating people through positive reinforcement. The bottom line is that those who have been "drivers" become leaders; while others who are "too hesitant" become more assertive and begin to truly manage the human resources for which they are responsible.

Stress Management and Goal Setting

Stress Management:

To assist participants in handling their present challenges and to assume new responsibilities without undue tension or anxiety, a key component of the program is stress management. By putting into practice a number of sound worry control principles, class members learn how to put problems in perspective. Developing the ability to keep their business and personal lives separate also helps participants to improve job performance while establishing a greater peace of mind. Graduates also find that they have more resiliency for handling occasional set-backs. And when unfortunate circumstances do occur, tempers do not flare and motivation is not lost.

Goal Setting:

Establishing a groundwork for success begins the process of leading a more intentional life. Participants define the person that they want to become, both personally and professionally - and then establish a plan for realizing their vision. As a result, goal setting takes on a new meaning. Class members also examine their strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Creativity and Teamwork

More Creative Solutions:

Imagination and creativity are too often stifled by doubts, fear, and overly-critical behavior. As confidence levels are increased there is more "green light" thinking and a greater willingness to innovate. Participants develop the disposition to more readily accept and try new ideas. The result is that the people closest to problems are more likely to come up with solutions rather than wait for others to step in.

Team Work:

With greater skills in handling people and a more open-minded attitude, participants are better able to develop a spirit of "teamwork" among co-workers. They listen more profitably, are more apt to cushion points of contention, and are more successful in convincing others to trust them. The net effect is reduced friction and a greater willingness to cooperate and resolve differences of opinion by developing a win-win situation.

Class Size & Instructional Team

Class Composition and Size:

Class size is approximately 30 - 40 people. The men and women who participate in this program represent a wide range of ages, experiences, positions, industries, and organizations, resulting in an interesting and healthy mix of ideas and perspectives. In addition, a single organization will often sponsor several individuals into the same class, as the shared experience has been shown to be serve as a highly effective and efficient "team-building" exercise.

Instructional Team:

The instructional team consists of a minimum of one instructor and 5 - 6 graduate assistants. Instructors are full-time Carnegie careerists and individuals who hold professional positions, have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree, and have successfully completed the Dale Carnegie® Instructors Training Conference (this includes 120 hours of specialized training after completing a minimum of 100 hours of classroom experience as an assistant.) In addition, all instructors participate in an annual re-certification training program.

The Dale Carnegie® Sales Advantage:

$1795.00 per participant

Selling Skills and Attitude Control

Selling Skills:

The course helps the sales professional to develop concrete, practical selling skills and a focused approach to sales through a diverse portfolio of solid processes and proven techniques. Participants learn strategies for building credibility, generating greater buyer interest, lowering resistance, uncovering hidden objections, and gaining customer commitment.

Attitude Control:

No one faces rejection on a daily basis like people in sales. As a result, it is easy for the sales professional to become frustrated, discouraged, and to lose their motivation. The Dale Carnegie® Sales Advantage helps participants to develop the level of self- confidence, perseverance, and perspective that is absolutely essential in order to succeed in a marketplace crowded with highly-skilled and knowledgeable competitors.

Organization, People Skills, and Effective Communication

Organizational Skills:

The Dale Carnegie® Sales Advantage guides participants as they develop the methods of personal organization necessary to efficiently maintain on-going relationships, and to establish new ones. These includes such skills as: managing time more efficiently, effective customer follow-up, and building a network of customer "champions" who help direct business to them.

People Skills:

The course helps to enhance an individual's ability to establish meaningful, long-term relationships with customers so that they grow into lasting, mutually-beneficial business opportunities. Participants learn to better establish rapport and credibility, build customer trust, and to handle disagreements and objections in an unobjectionable manner.

Communication Skills:

The Dale Carnegie® Sales Advantage helps participants learn how to make buyers eager to talk with them, how to generate greater interest, and how to ask the right questions at the right time. Participants also explore the value of presenting information through diverse media as well as traditional methods, often exceeding the expectations of today's enlightened buyers.

Dale Carnegie® Leadership Training for Managers:

$1795.00 per participant

Leadership Training for Managers

Leadership Training:

The Dale Carnegie® Leadership Training for Managers is a program that has been designed exclusively for directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, business owners - those men and women who are responsible for providing direction to others, and who are looking for an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills.

The program is grounded in the premise that the actions and relationships of employees and management are vital factors when considering an organization's ability to reach its desired objectives. Successful business leaders agree that effectively motivating and leading people is infinitely more challenging than technical concerns, such as: information technology, research and design, accounting, production, and quality control. It is the people within an organization who are either motivated or apathetic, respond positively or negatively to challenges, and who will ultimately make or break the company.

Investment and Money Back Guarantee:

Investment and Money Back Guarantee

Investment and Guarantee:

The Dale Carnegie ® Sales Advantage is an intensive, 9-week training program, meeting once a week, for 3 1/2 - 4 hours per session. The cost is $1795, which includes books and all supplies. If five or more employees from a single organization enroll at the same time, a discounted price of $1695 per participant will be charged. Upon completion of the entire course, if an individual or their sponsoring organization is not satisfied, the participant will be retrained, another person trained free of charge, or tuition reimbursed in full.

Tax Deductible:

The full cost is permitted as a personal income tax deduction by the Federal Government.

Program Flexibility:

If a class is missed, the person will be contacted and brought up to date. Missed sessions can be made up with another class at no additional charge.


Satisfactory participation is accredited for 2.8 validated CN-CEU's (ACCET). This program is also recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) for 2 lower baccalaureate credit hours.

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